Tenant is a casual, fun band I play in with some friends. We play around Saint Louis, regular spots include the Sinkhole and Foam (before it closed 🙁).  
Tenant after our recording session at the Sinkhole. From Left to Right: Aaron, Steph, Ryan and Eliot.

Recently our amazing piano player got accepted to art school in New Jersey, but before she left, we wanted to make a recording to memorialize our band. So we headed back to the Sinkhole where Matt Stetler recorded us and came out with our short EP Advice. We played everything live that Saturday and overdubbed some extra vocals and percussion on Sunday. The recording turned out to capture our bands' style; it was fun, didn't take itself too seriously and could get your blood flowing. You can find the full album on all the streaming sites.  Below I uploaded a couple of my favorites.

Ryan Deloach (guitar, vocals, song writing)
Aaron (bass)
Steph (keys)
Eliot (drums)


Enjoy Yourself