Dave Drebes & Breathing Room

I played with Dave Drebes and the rest of Breathing Room for about 2 years. We played a handful of really fun shows around Saint Louis and made this cool album What You Meet Halfway (found on Spotify and other streaming services).
Breathing Room - from a picture shoot for the album. Credit to Nicole Galli Molher for photography and Mary Ann Russum for making us look good

Dave Drebes (piano, vocals)
Heather Lawyer (lead vocals)
Greg Comer (guitar)
Dave O'Leary (bass)
Sarah Degenhart (violin)
Eliot Piering (drums)
Featuring.. a whole bunch of awesome guest musicians on the album to make us sound way better!

Songs for "What You Meet Halfway" written by Dave Drebes
Album Recorded and produced by Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Josh Harris for Seiren Productions

Living in Your Town

The Way You Do It