My Personal Blog

This beautiful website you are currently browsing was built from scratch using Elixir and Phoenix, and it is so more than just static HTML!  Well... only a bit more. There is very simple CMS behind this site, where I can write and edit posts, upload images and audio files, and publish post to different pages on this site.  I used the awesome Trix text editor to power the authoring of posts.
Screenshot of me writing this post... meta

I also had some trouble landing on a color scheme (as evidenced by the old color scheme pictured above) so I ended up building a fun feature using JavaScript, HTML5 color pickers and CSS variables. Try it out -- click on "Theme" in the nav bar to change the colors of this site. Not sure if this was very useful, but it was fun!

Flight Performance and Fitness

One of my best friends growing up started a small gym focusing on functional movement and athletic training. In exchange for some free training for myself, I built them this website:
Homepage of the Flight website

I built the site using Rails and Bootstrap and some jQuery plugins. There is also a simple calendar with the weekly schedule as well as a way to easily sign up for a free evaluation. 

Turned out to be a pretty good trade for both of us!